Absolute Best Way To Defend A Triangle Choke (By Keenan Cornelius)

Absolute best triangle choke escape

As promising as it sounds, this triangle choke escape is a real deal. We tested it through and through, and can confirm its effectiveness. Keenan Cornelius said that it took him one whole year to perfect this defense against triangle, and surely we are grateful that he showed us this technique. He says:

Don’t bother with other triangle escapes, they do not work. This one actually works. So much of what is posted online these days are techniques that dont work or haven’t been tested fully.   – Keenan Cornelius

One thing we noticed, and he doesn’t mention it in the video, is that getting that “pistol grip” on the opponent’s collar is not that easy. You have to be quick and explosive, because he will not wait for you to get it as you wish.

Other things seem more easy, and once you’ve drilled them enough, they should feel natural during the sparring.

Here it is (13 min. long video):