How To Effectively Setup A BJJ Training Session For Two People

How to setup BJJ training session for two

Nick Albin, in BJJ Community widely known as “Chewy”, is a BJJ black belt who currently teaches/trains Jiu-Jitsu full time and is the head instructor at Derby City Mixed Martial Arts in Louisville, KY.

This time, Chewy shows us how to setup effectively an 1 Hour BJJ training session from home or open mat.

We all know that to be truly effective and on-the-track in our BJJ training, we need from time to time to organize and setup some drilling sessions for us and our friend/partner, in order to keep on the right track with our progress and to properly learn some new techniques.

But how to do it correctly, so that we draw out the maximum out of it, and not lose our precious time in waste? How many times did we organize such a session, only to realise after that it wasn’t properly structured and that our time passed by poorly used?

In this video, Chewy outlines a basic 1 hour (active time) BJJ drilling and training session. Focused on specific areas with BJJ techniques that someone already knows. It starts with drilling then situational rolling.

He also adds in one of the most common mistakes people make when they come into the gym or get together for a drilling session at home. That mistake will eat away at the potential time for good purposeful work.