How To Escape The Lockdown Position (By Bernardo Faria)

How to escape the lockdown in BJJ

In this excellent, brief and concise video, a multiple world-champion Bernardo Faria shows us how to escape one of the most frustrating positions while passing someone’s guard – the Lockdown position.

There are 2 key elements (or moments) that you need to understand and apply in order to get rid of the lockdown:

      1. Move your torso down, towards your feet. That will release the tension of the lockdown, and allow you to bend your trapped leg back so that he can’t hook it. On the contrary, if you move your torso more towards his chest and head in an attempt to pass further, you will just worsen your position and make the lockdown more painful.
      2. When you free your leg, in the first attempt or after some trying, furiously make a hip switch to the side and post your leg on the floor. That will prevent your opponent to hook your leg again, and you can easily continue to pass his half guard without the lockdown.