Low Single Leg Takedown Technique

Low single leg takedown technique

Low single-leg takedowns are often a favorite option of technical, fast wrestlers because the attack focuses on precision and leverage. The settings are somewhat limited, as you will try to perform a low single from a greater distance than usual.

If you make a mistake, a failed low single also puts you in a bad position where you are elongated and your opponent can put the weight on you after a sprawl, so there is more room for error than in other variants of the single-leg takedown. The good news is that it requires the least energy consumption of all single-leg takedowns, which is why it’s an energy-efficient attack of choice for fast and technical wrestlers who can pull it off.

Low single-leg takedown works good both for gi and no-gi grappling, since its execution does not require grabbing someone’s gi. It’s very simple and effective, and can easily bring the game to the ground if other techniques have failed to do so in a match. It’s also very useful if your opponent is bigger and stronger than you, since no-one has the ankle and lower part of the leg that strong.

The following 1-minute video is short, concise, and on the point. The technique is pretty simple, although it will require many repeats and drilling, if you want to execute it properly and get the right timing.

And in another video, this variation is perfect if you execute your technique while you are kneeling on the ground, or have just decided to stop playing open guard from the bottom.