Russell Brand After Receiving His Blue Belt: What I Have Learned About BJJ

Russell Brand blue belt BJJ

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and now recently also a Roger Gracie blue belt.

Let’s hear some interesting insights into the world of BJJ from him:

“People come from Eastern Europe, Muslim people, people from a different class, backgrounds, sexes… and there’s something unifying about the clear hierarchical structure of a jiu-jitsu class that brings people together in a safe way, even though it’s literally for confrontation.”

“How can literal confrontation and combat bring about more of a sense of cohesion and coalescence than a town or a community? Possibly because no one’s encouraged to speak to one another. We’re continually told we’re different from one another.”

“In a jiu-jitsu class, in a jiu-jitsu school, in a jiu-jitsu club, we all recognize that we all have attributes, deficiencies that when we walk through that door, as one person said, we all come through the door for different reasons but we’re all the same, once we’re in here.

About the ceremony of getting his blue belt:

“I realized from attending that ceremony, that there are such things as positive hierarchies and structures, as long as they’re tied to fairness, responsibility and duty.”

“There is no discrimination, just general acceptance that here we are together for a common purpose, and I don’t think it necessarily needs to be for jiu-jitsu. There can be other ways of doing it, but for me… I have found a sort of a journey into myself… Acceptance of my fallibility, and humility as result. And conversely kind of confidence as well.”

“What jiu-jitsu is teaching me primarily is not to be fixated on results, but to instead recognize what I am becoming. It doesn’t matter if I’m externally validated in some way. What matters is the journey that I’m taking and what I am becoming. Something that I always avoided, I am now embracing.”

„[Jiu-jitsu] teaches me about community, it teaches me humility, it teaches me compassion – as well as a variety of armbars, wristlocks, chokes and triangles. Which are also very useful in situations where debate starts to wear out (now I’m joking!). It’s a spiritual pursuit I would say.

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