The Sidesmash – One Of The Heaviest Passes In No-Gi BJJ (by Keenan Cornelius)

Sidesmash - heaviest no-gi pass in BJJ

The “sidesmash” pass is a pass similar to a body lock, in a sense that it controls your opponents’ hips, but does it in a different way and different direction. It also puts heavy pressure on the spine alignment and restricts the movement of your opponent under you severely. 

Sooner rather than later, we had all found ourselves in this position while passing someone’s guard, but just didn’t know how to respond and take advantage of the defending leg that was put across our belly. Mr. Keenan Cornelius now shows us how to do it. It actually starts by tricking your opponent into doing a knee-cut technique, and then when he responds with his defending leg, we turn it into a sidesmash.

This is a very useful and practical pass, that will definitely serve us in many sparring situations. Trying to describe the technique by words here wouldn’t make much sense, so here comes the 8 min long video: