Three Chokes In Jiu-Jitsu That Everybody Should Know (By Lachlan Giles)


Lachlan Giles, an Australian grappler, teacher and accomplished black belt in BJJ under John Simon (ADCC gold medalist in 2019 for Asia/Oceania region), together with Bernardo Faria (black belt, teacher and multiple world champion) shows us in this video the 3 chokes that every grappler should know, in their opinion.

They are high-percentage chokes that work exceptionally well in both BJJ, grappling and MMA tournaments. As a matter of fact, you can frequently see them in UFC competitions:

  • rear-naked choke,
  • armed-in guillotine choke, and
  • anaconda choke

Lachlan shows us little details that make all the difference. He also points out some of the mistakes that most of us have been doing for years, most notably with armed-in guillotine and anaconda choke.